Welcome Handicapping Wizards!

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Welcome Handicapping Wizards!

Post by Sjmeola » Sat Feb 16, 2008 10:58 pm

Hello, Wizards:

Welcome to the Wizards Forum. I am Samuel Meola and will be acting as a moderator here with Matt and Bob. My Handicapping journey started around 1991. I remember reading a review for a book titled "Pace Makes the Race." Read it-- and enjoyed it. My passion as a pace handicapper was then born. I started with the Phase I Numbers using Michael and Eric's first program, The Essential Handicapper. On a handheld Sharp computer, I crunched numbers for about three years before taking the plunge and graduating to the best Handicapping tool ever created (in my opinion).

The Master Handicapper (TMH) was a sophisticated and extremely accurate program designed and marketed only to the most serious pari-mutuel investors. I remember the program paid for itself the first weekend I used it. I nailed two $700 + exactas! I have attended three seminars on the East Coast, two at Philadelphia Park, and one at Monmouth Park.

I have been faithful to Michael's teachings and programs; not because he is a nice guy (of course we all know he is) -- but because I have seen my success slowly progress. From wishful betting off a computer printout to truly knowing how and when to find a good value bet; and then waiting for the kill (“Act like a pig to catch a tiger”).

I am really excited about our future as a group! May we all become true Handicapping wizards at this great game! For those here that used TMH, you know how great a program it was at finding horses. Though previously successful in both the early and late part of the race, TMH will be reborn in 2008; and Michael says will be better than ever.

My goals here as a moderator are: to learn and grow as a player with as many of you as possible; stay true to the principles of Handicapping Magic; and share all my knowledge and experiences with Michael's work over the years.

It is one of my passions to discuss races and Handicap with others - and I hope we can do a lot of that in this forum. Please allow me to encourage you to get involved, challenge one another and yourselves so that we can all become better players. Happy Racing!

Best Regards,

Samuel Meola
"The celebration comes when you take the bet and not after the results"
"Act like a pig to catch a tiger !"
"When yout sit, sit ! when you stand, stand !, above all don't wobble"
-Michael Pizzolla