Welcome to the Wizards Forum!

Welcome to the Wizards Forum.
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Welcome to the Wizards Forum!

Post by Matt Russell » Fri Feb 15, 2008 5:10 pm

Hello all...

My name is Matt Russell and I will be one of the Moderators along with Bob and Sam.
On behalf of myself and the Team I want to welcome you all to what I hope will be the most informative, most enjoyable and best handicapping board on the planet. The emphasis of discussion is intended to encompass all aspects of the Black Magic program as well as techniques, methods and instruction related to handicapping using the Handicapping Magic methods. Michael plans to be a very active participant in answering questions and in providing instructional videos & audios on all aspects of Black Magic.

I am an Aerospace engineer/Project Manager by day, handicapper by night and weekends. I’ve been involved with the Handicapping Magic family since 2000 when I first stumbled across the book and attended my first Seminar in 2001.
Due solely to personal choice, I’ve developed my own handicapping software and have spent the last 7 years completing my own labor of love: an Excel Based program that effectively does what The Master Magician does except in a slightly different manner. I’ve learned so much developing my own software, adding all the new insights and techniques that were presented at the Seminars over the years; refining things as my handicapping knowledge increased and even developing some new ideas on race volatility measurement and expected odds lines which I presented at the 2005 Seminar.

But I gladly leave it all behind in an instant! Why?
Black Magic!
I can’t tell you all how impressed I am with this software! I know you all will be too.

Please take a moment to tour the organizational structure noting the main Topic folders and Sub-folders that have been created for you. Get familiar with the site organization so you can select the appropriate section in which to post your comments & questions. A simple mouse click on a highlighted folder/subfolder topic line as shown in the Board Index view is all you need to get to anywhere on the Forum you want to go!

Please feel free to PM or email me any questions or comments you may have.
Again welcome to what I expect will be an educational and enjoyable experience for us all as we try to improve our game and our ROI's!

Matt Russell
Wizards Forum Moderator

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